Our History

1996 Prospect Hill Academy was founded by a group of parents united by the belief that children should have access to free, quality education. The school’s mission is to prepare each student for success in college, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and foster responsible citizenship.
2001 The school successfully passed the five year charter renewal process.
The school graduated its first High School class of 12 students.
2002 Due to growth in enrollment, the school moved the Upper School (grades 6-12) to Cambridge and obtained regional status.
The school graduated its second class with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as speaker.
The school’s Athletic Director, Jack O’Brien, led the foundation of the Massachusetts Charter School Basketball League (MCSBL) to promote, organize, and unify the charter school athletic movement.
2003 The school changed its name from Somerville Charter School to Prospect Hill Academy Charter School to reflect its regional status while acknowledging its Somerville roots.
2005 The school’s Athletic Director was instrumental in expanding the MCSBL into the MCSAO, the Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization which organizes and oversees athletic leagues and tournaments.
2006 The school unconditionally passed the ten year charter renewal process.
With student enrollment approaching 900, the Middle School (grades 5-8) moved to an additional facility in East Somerville, making Prospect Hill Academy a three-campus school.
2007 The Prospect Hill Academy Charter School Foundation sponsored its first Journeys & Destinations event to launch a fundraising campaign for “Junior Journey”—a three-week trip for Juniors to Guatemala combining language study, cultural immersion through homestays, and service learning.
2008 The first class of “lifers”—students who began their Journey at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School in Kindergarten—will graduate from high school.
The inaugural Junior Journey takes place; a three-week trip for Juniors to Guatemala combining Spanish language study, cultural immersion through homestays, and service learning through teaching at a rural elementary school.
2009 The school facilitates the establishment of a Prospect Hill Academy Alumni Association governed by an Alumni Board.
2010 The school opens a fourth building located at its Cambridge campus and expands to over 1,100 students. Extensive renovations to the new building focused on upgrading science and technology programming, building a learning commons for various community gatherings, providing professional work spaces for faculty, and adhering to LEED-equivalent design and construction. Adjusting for the campus expansion and increase in enrollment, the three campuses are reconfigured and renamed the Early Childhood Campus (grades K-3), the Upper Elementary Campus (grades 4-6), and the Upper School Campus (grades 7-12).
 2011 The school hosts the annual statewide charter presentation ceremony, at which the Commissioner, Secretary, and Chair of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education unconditionally renew Prospect Hill Academy’s charter for the next five years.
 2012 Prospect Hill Academy transforms 11th and 12th grade into the Collegiate Institute, with a focus on providing our oldest students with coursework and experiences that resemble what they will encounter in college and on educating and supporting both students and families through the college application process.
 2013 The school launches the Prospect Fellows program, an innovative, high-impact academic support program designed to close the achievement gap among our students by providing targeted academic interventions for students lacking foundational skills, availing our students of engaging extracurricular opportunities, bolstering school culture through augmenting adult capacity, and diversifying program staff with PHA alumni familiar with and dedicated to our community.