Reports and Policies

As a public charter school accountable to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for its performance, Prospect Hill Academy is responsible for creating and updating a number of reports and policies on an ongoing basis. These are designed to provide families, the community, and the Department of Education with valuable information regarding the school’s performance, policies, and procedures.

2014-2015 Academic Year Calendar

PHA Calendar 2014-2015 - Revised Feb 13, 2015

Student and Family Handbook
2014-15 PHA Student Family Handbook
2013 PHA Report Card Documents
This report card contains information required by the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) for our school and district including: student enrollment and teacher qualifications, student achievement, accountability, and the progress our school is making toward narrowing proficiency gaps for different groups of students.
Summary Report Card
Full Report Card
Annual Reports
The Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the school’s performance against its Accountability Plan goals for the previous school year. It also publishes school data such as demographics, financials, and academic performance.
PHA Annual Report FY2013-14
PHA Annual Report FY2012-13
PHA Annual Report FY2011-12
PHA Annual Report FY2010-11
PHA Annual Report FY2009-10
PHA Annual Report FY2008-09
PHA Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan
This plan details PHA's approach to preventing and confronting bullying behaviors within our community.
PHA Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan
PHA Anti-Bullying Policy - Haitian Creole
PHA Anti-Bullying Policy - Spanish
PHA Anti-Bullying Policy - Portuguese
PHA Bullying Incident Reporting Form
PHA District Curriculum Accommodation Plan
District Curriculum Accommodation Plan
PHA Accountability Plan
PHA Accountability Plan 2011-2016
PHA 5-Year Strategic Plan Summary
2012-2017 Strategic Plan Summary