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Prospect Hill Academy’s dedicated and talented Administration is accountable for the daily operations and management of all aspects of the school. Among many responsibilities, the Administration ensures faithful implementation of Board policies, the delivery of best academic practices for all students, responsible fiscal and facilities management, and the upholding of positive community relations. Unique among Prospect Hill Academy’s academic administrators is that they all identify as teachers first, thereby making certain that the institutional spotlight shines brightly on teaching and learning.


Prospect Hill Academy prides itself on the passion, compassion, talent, and expertise of its faculty and staff. PHA teachers are committed to the enhancement of their own and others’ practice, engaging in collaborative inquiry as the primary vehicle for professional growth and development. Driven by the school’s mission, PHA teachers truly believe in the potential of each child, and they are relentless in their advocacy for the students they serve. A hallmark of the Prospect Hill Academy community is the close and nurturing relationships that exist between student and teacher; we truly are a school where no child is left behind.