As a K-12 school, PHA has the unique opportunity to serve students for 13 years and therefore plans backwards from graduation standards and reinforces skills as students transition between grade levels and across campuses. Some key highlights include:

  • Public Exhibitions of Student Work: Students build confidence and skills by regularly presenting their multi-disciplinary work to the public.
  • A Talented, Dedicated Faculty: PHA is proud to attract and support a devoted and inspiring faculty. Teachers are committed to serving the needs of all students and supporting each other’s success.
  • Prospect Fellows is a unique intervention program designed to bolster the academic, social, and emotional achievements of PHA’s most struggling students and to create a pipeline of highly effective, racially and socio-economically diverse, urban educators.
  • The Master Teacher Program is designed to provide a career growth option for highly-effective teachers who wish to remain in the classroom full time, develop their classroom practice, and engage in leadership learning activities that will make a positive impact on the experiences of students and teachers at PHA.
  • Junior Journey is a three-week cultural and language immersion and service learning experience in Guatemala for PHA Juniors that serves a capstone to their study of Spanish.
  • Service Learning Opportunities encourage students to exhibit responsible citizenship through school-wide community service days and high school students are required to complete 60 hours of community service in order to graduate.
  • College Counseling Services, in the form of individualized student support and a two-year mandatory College Preparation Seminar for Juniors and Seniors, provide students and their families with top-notch guidance in navigating the college admissions and financial aid processes.
  • Collegiate Institute is an innovative approach to 11th and 12th grades, built on a collegiate model, including semester-long classes and block scheduling, that deliberately transfers agency to PHA’s oldest students and explicitly teaches essential non-cognitive skills.