K-12 Program Highlights

Junior Journey 

Junior Journey , first launched in May of 2008, is an innovative program that integrates Spanish language instruction, cultural immersion, and community service learning for all eligible Prospect Hill Academy Juniors. Junior Journey encompasses a three week stay in Antigua, Guatemala.  The program combines four hours of daily one-on-one Spanish language instruction with cultural immersion through homestays with local families and service learning in an environment where each student can have a long-lasting and reciprocal impact on the people they serve.

Exhibitions of Student Work

In addition to traditional measures of academic achievement, at least once per academic year, all Prospect Hill Academy Upper Elementary and Upper School students are required to present and defend their work publicly for the benefit of an external audience (parents/guardians, community members, outside educators, etc.).  The goal of these exhibition evenings is threefold: (1) to equip PHA students with the confidence and skills to demonstrate their knowledge to a wider audience; (2) to emphasize that real-life learning transcends the walls of school; and (3) to prepare students for the challenges of college and the real world.  

Spanish K-12

Prospect Hill Academy believes that all students should graduate from high school with functional fluency in at least one language other than English.  Considering the demands and opportunities of the 21st Century global economy, all Prospect Hill Academy students—from Kindergarten through Grade 12—are therefore obliged to take and pass Spanish each year throughout their time at the school, culminating with an oral proficiency assessment as a requirement for graduation.  In the early grades, the instructional focus is on exposure through song, sound, and play, and as students progress, they learn to read, write, speak, and listen through increasingly complex challenges.  All throughout, a heavy emphasis is placed on the fundamental interplay between language and culture.

Prospect Fellows

Prospect Fellows is a a year-long fellowship for diverse recent college graduates aimed at closing the achievement gap through targeted academic interventions and rich extracurricular offerings K-12. This new initiative was established by PHA to further the school’s capacity to provide targeted academic interventions to our most struggling students, offer engaging extracurricular activities to all students, increase the faculty’s time spent on the core functions of teaching and learning, and diversify our teaching staff by recruiting diverse college graduates, including a critical mass of PHA alumni, who reflect the demographics of the PHA student and family community. Prospect Fellows currently employs 10 recent college graduates in grades 4-6, growing to 18 in grades K-6 in 2014-15 and up to 35 distributed across three campuses K-12 in 2015-16 and beyond.

Collegiate Institute

Collegiate Institute is an innovative approach to 11th and 12th grades that focuses on providing students with coursework and experiences that resemble what they will encounter in college and on educating and supporting both students and families through the college application process. We strive to ensure that our students graduate with the habits, skills and knowledge that they need to succeed in college and in all of their future endeavors.