Prospect Fellows Program Overview

The mission of the Prospect Fellows program is to close the achievement gap at PHA – the difference in academic performance by race/ethnicity and socio-economic status better described as the access or opportunity gap. The program is designed to engage students in effective academic intervention and relevant enrichment activities while building strong relationships between students and Fellows who share similar backgrounds and can model college success. Each Fellow tutors individual and small groups of students in skills development in math or literacy in and out of the classroom to support our lowest performing students and teaches hands-on enrichment courses after school to engage all students in an environment that differs from the school day.

Unique to the Prospect Fellows program is the focus on recruiting and hiring PHA alumni and other recent college graduates who reflect the demographic and cultural backgrounds of our students. Fellows who identify with the challenges that arise from having to perform in a culture and language that differ from their home have a unique and authentic opportunity to bring out the best in our students.

While positively affecting the whole school community, Fellows have a tremendous impact on our most struggling students. They help them set higher expectations for themselves, overcome obstacles, be motivated to participate in class, and share their work with pride. They enable struggling students to experience incremental success, which positively affects their school experience and improves their efficacy and overall achievement. 

During daily tutorials, Fellows provide targeted academic interventions designed to close identified skills gaps. As a result, tutees are better able to access the classroom curriculum, participate more effectively in class, and master essential concepts and content. At the same time, classroom teachers are able to focus on all students without paying disproportionally high attention to the most struggling students. 

Additionally, Fellows engage students by providing exciting, hands-on enrichment activities that tap into students’ interests and passions and expose them to new pathways of expression and success. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Prospect Fellows Program, consider visiting Prospect Hill Academy to see our Fellows in action. Those interested in the program are welcome to shadow our Fellows for the day, talk with Chelsea Voake, the Prospect Fellows Program Director, and observe the work our Fellows do throughout the day. We also hold monthly breakfasts for those interested in learning more about the program and the school community. For more information, please contact Chelsea Voake at



“G”, now a 5th grader, struggled in school, had poor grades, and caused disruptions in the classroom. Traditional interventions showed little impact on his struggles.

In September, he was partnered with Weslie Etienne, PHA Alum Class of 2008 (pictured above), one of ten Prospect Fellows assigned to provide continuous academic tutoring and enrichment courses in and out of the classroom.

Weslie and G meet for one-on-one tutorial four times a week. They quickly formed a strong relationship. She is invested in his success and G has been inspired to set higher expectations for himself and do his best work, not only when he is with Weslie, but in all his classes.

As a result, his behavioral incidents have diminished and he focuses his energy on collaborating with classmates and showing pride in his achievements.