What is the Prospect Fellows Program?

The Prospect Fellows program is a dual teacher-training and student intervention program where Fellows, aspiring teachers who reflect the cultural backgrounds and lived experiences of our diverse student population, work with our most struggling students to help close the achievement gap at Prospect Hill Academy.

The Work of a Prospect Fellow

Throughout the day, our Fellows work with our students in multiple ways to ensure that each student receives the instruction and support he needs to be successful.

1. Small Group Instruction in Math, Literacy and Non-Cognitive Skills

Our Fellows work with groups of 2-6 students at a time to provide differentiated instruction in literacy and math. Fellows design and implement Common Core-based, rigorous, and authentic lessons that meet the individual needs of the students they serve. In addition to math and literacy instruction, our Fellows also build our students non-cognitive skills through an integrated curriculum model where students develop the grit, perseverance, and confidence they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

2. Whole Class Support in Math and Literacy

In addition to teaching small groups and tutorials, our Fellows spend part of each day working with their lead teacher in the whole-class setting. In this capacity, Fellows work with their teachers to further differentiate lessons and address the multiple learning styles of the students in the classroom. With the addition of a Fellow to the classroom, students have twice the opportunity to engage and connect with an adult, are able to get more immediate feedback on their work, and most importantly get the individual support and attention they need to be successful.

3. After School Enrichment Courses

After school, our Fellows are part of our Out of School Time Program where they design and teach engaging and inspiring enrichment courses for our students. These courses, ranging from African dance, to 4-H, to Girls Group, to Junior Achievement, to Destination Imagination, give our students the opportunity to learn, play, and explore beyond the walls of the classroom. In all enrichment courses our Fellows encourage our students to develop their passions, interests and identities as individuals within a larger community, and foster our students’ sense of stewardship as emerging leaders of the future.
If you are interested in learning more about the Prospect Fellows Program, consider visiting Prospect Hill Academy to see our Fellows in action. Those interested in the program are welcome to shadow our Fellows for the day, talk with Chelsea Voake, the Prospect Fellows Program Director, and observe the work our Fellows do throughout the day. For more information, please contact Chelsea Voake at cvoake@prospecthillacademy.org .