Welcome to the Prospect Hill Academy Upper School Campus. As you explore our website, we hope you will be intrigued and inspired by what you see and read—that it will cause you to ask questions, to wonder, to want to learn more about us. We are a campus of almost 500 students in grades 7-10 within a school of over 1,100 students. Our students and families are diverse in the truest sense of that word—they are from a range of cultural and language backgrounds and live in over 34 cities and towns. Our faculty and staff come to Prospect Hill from across the country and from a range of educational and professional backgrounds. What has brought us all together is the belief in the power of education—conviction that a solid educational foundation is the path to a successful future, conviction that a passion for learning leads to a rich and happy life. Furthermore, it is our belief that every student deserves this kind of education. Being a small school allows us to build a close community in which every student is known well and supported in his or her educational pursuits through our Advisory Program, by individual teachers, and by our college counselors.

At Prospect Hill Academy, our mission is to prepare every student for success in college, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and foster responsible citizenship. Every year, we work to bring these three aspects of our mission alive for our students through innovative academic programs and enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities. We invite our students to be active participants in their high school education, in their communities and in determining their future. We invite our families to be active partners with the school, and we expect our school community to play a vital role in our students’ lives.
We are happy to be here, learning together, and welcome you to join us!


Danny Wilcox
Upper School Principal