The value of a PHA education

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“PHA is the reason I stayed in school. If it wasn’t for the connections I formed with teachers and peers, I would not have finished high school. I was in a bad place when I started at PHA after my mom died. PHA helped me see that there is more to life and that college is an option. I learned to be myself, to be a leader, and to pursue my passions.”

- Amanda Salmons, PHA Class of 2009, graduated from Bentley University in 2013. She is currently a nanny, having decided to take some time off before pursuing her career.

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“The student leadership opportunities and the genuine dedication of the faculty and staff are the two best indicators of value from my time at PHA. The personal relationships I had with my teachers allowed for a lot of self-discovery both academically and personally and is the single reason I pursued a degree of higher education.”

- Michael Pina, PHA Class of 2007, graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2013. 
He is currently a Residence Director at Stonehill College.

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“My PHA education absolutely prepared me for college – it has helped me with everything I am doing here in MCLA. The math skills I've learned at PHA have made college math so crazy easy for me and my reading skills have helped me keep up with large texts and actually understand what I am reading.”

- Daysia Martinez, PHA Class of 2014, attends Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 
and is on track to graduate in 2018.

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"The smaller classroom atmosphere made it a better learning environment.
 Every student felt recognized by their teacher and that helped us excel academically. The education I received at PHA shaped me personally and allowed me to pursue a successful career."

- Lyns Hercule, PHA Class of 2006, graduated in 2010 from UMass Boston. He is a Registered Nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital specializing in stem cell transplants and chemotherapy treatments.