At Prospect Hill Academy, we deem it imperative to support the success of our graduates outside the walls of our school. Consequently, the Alumni Relations Program is designed to provide guidance and to support alumni in successfully obtaining degrees in higher education. Services will include but are not limited to social and academic transitioning assistance, transfer advising, and potential networking for suitable job placement. In addition to frequent phone calls and email correspondence, periodic visits will be made to many of the college campuses where our alumni reside. 

The ultimate goal of the program is to assist the school’s graduates with college transition, retention, and degree completion. Simultaneously, the program seeks to keep graduates connected to the immediate Prospect Hill Academy community. During the annual “Alumni Gathering” every January, a number of Prospect Hill Academy graduates return to the school to share their stories with our current prospective college students…what better way to lead than by example.

Most importantly, ARP will serve as an ever growing networking system for Prospect Hill Academy alumni and community members. Graduates will remain connected as a source of support to each other as they pursue new educational and/or professional endeavors, while our current students may use ARP services to be in touch with those that have paved the way before them.