Family Engagement Programs

“A family is like a forest.  When you are outside it is dense; when you are inside, you see that each tree has its place.” (Ghana, Akan)

Prospect Hill Academy is a community that strives to honor families and the importance of building community among the families of our students.  We welcome all families and the many different cultures from which we all come.  We also honor the many family members who support and nurture our students.  There are so many ways that family members can be involved at PHA.  

Children who have an actively involved adult caregiver or parent can contribute greatly to the high achievement of their child in school.  Parents, grandparents, older siblings, aunts, uncles and many other persons who are a part of the family unit can have a tremendous impact on how well their student performs in school and how well the school meets the needs of its students.  Ask your Campus Family Ambassador about how you can get involved or click here to find out how you can be involved.

Estelle Archibold
Director of Family Engagement, Culture and Community

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